"Design is expanding its reach – with governments, not-for-profits, corporates, and other organisations bringing in designers to consider the complex problem spaces they work within every day. This comes with increased responsibility, and the need to deepen ethical practice (and consider non-human actors) so designers can work with the nuance, respect, and cultural intelligence that our communities need. How can we re-consider the role designers play, and critically evaluate the impact of our designs on broader society?"

Design ethics, cultural intelligence, societal impact

The Lincoln


Session time: 17:00 - 21:00 Thursday 14 November
Venue: The Lincoln, 91 Cardigan Street, Carlton VIC 3053

Thursday evening brings the Ethical Practice stream together with an invitation to reflect on where we’ve come from, how we have arrived and what we bring to an exploration of ethical practice. We recognise the foundation for ethical practice stems from, and is nurtured by, both individual practitioners and their communities. We hope to make space to be individually challenged and to collectively push through what is comfortable so that we can grapple with the complexity of ethical practice.

Paper Giant Design & Ethics



Facilitators: Lina Patel, Kate McEntee, Rachel Bucknall, Ryley Lawson
Session time: 10:00 - 12:30 Friday 15 November
Venue: RMIT University, Garden Building (Building 10, Room 10.06.89, Above STREAT), Bowen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

This breakout session is a workshop with a mix of presentations, discussion, making and reflective practice. It is designed for participants to explore the why and how of ethical practice. We'll introduce and explore a range of structures designed to support ethical practice, and what can be learned from these structures across different design practices. This will be an interactive session where you are invited to consider ideas and challenges around committing to ethical practice, whilst building a sense of community with other people who are willing to deepen and interrogate the ethics of their practice.

We'll explore: The Australian Indigenous Design Charter, authored by a community of Australian Indigenous Austrailian designers and supported by Indigenous Architecture and Design Victoria; Design Institute of Australia; Deakin University - Institute of Koorie Education and School of Communication and Creative Arts; The Equity-Centred Community Design process, authored by Creative Reaction Lab; and The Paper Giant framework for thinking through ethical issues in design research.

You'll learn the origin and structure of each framework, as well as the underlying beliefs and mindsets influencing the work and why that matters. Throughout the session you'll be invited to use these frameworks to challenge your own practice and consider how you might apply the mindsets and actions from these frameworks to you own work.

We'll touch on: challenging traditional, Western worldviews of ‘ethics’ and ‘practice’; understanding the role of identity and relationship in ethical practice; using reflection to deepen and commit to ethical practice; and focus on using the frameworks of others to challenge and define your own relationship to values and principles.

How might we apply what we know and practice about creating value in the world, to creating structures to inform our practice, and hold ourselves accountable for ethical practice?

Paper Giant Design & Ethics



Facilitators: Leah Baxter, Leander Kreltszheim, Russell Pongho, Chris Marmo
Session time: 10:00 - 12:30 Saturday 16 November
Venue: RMIT University, Garden Building (Building 10, Room 10.06.89, Above STREAT), Bowen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

In this breakout session you'll explore how to grow and activate your own ethical practice. The Paper Giant framework will be offered as a means to reflect on ethical issues in real-world design challenges. You'll work through a facilitated making and reflection process to experience and embody some of the challenges of applying ethical practice.

You'll have the opportunity to consider: the wider systems, both natural and constructed that you exist within; how your own beliefs, behaviours and values interact with others; and how you might further develop your reflective practice. You'll be invited to critically interrogate your own practices and environments – including what might enable or hinder ways of acting differently in the future.

The larger community of practitioners and facilitators in the session will both challenge and support participants to take their learnings beyond the conference experience.

We acknowledge the Woiwurrung and Boonwurrung people of the Kulin nation as the traditional owners of the lands on which the conference is being held, as well as traditional owners of lands on which we work across the region. We recognise that sovereignty over these lands and waters has never been ceded, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and future.

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