Past Events

The first Service Design Now was held at RMIT University in late 2017, with around 200 people attending the RMIT Design Hub for a series of talks and workshops celebrating the growth of the community in Melbourne.

We'd been organising monthly events as part of Service Design Melbourne for several years, and the feeling was that Service Design had reached a level of maturity in Australia. This had been leading to new discourses and discussions around the direction the field had been heading. Responding to this, we invited speakers from across academia, startups and the enterprise to go beyond the 'show and tell' – diving into the challenges faced in our practice through a broad spread of conference presentations, workshops, discussion groups and more. Speakers were asked to share their 'War Stories' – the kind of stories told in the pub at the end of the week, rather than what you would usually hear at a conference or read about online.

Since then we've grown exponentially – becoming a bi-annual event for Service Designers from around Australia and the globe. We'd like to thank all the speakers and facilitators below who have been part of this journey and openly shared their stories with the community.

Cameron Tonkinwise

University of Technology Sydney

Olga Cuesta


Meera Pankhania

Digital Transformation Agency

Reuben Stanton

Paper Giant

Robine Stephenson

W3 digital

Stuart Partridge

Services Victoria

Simon Lawry


Alexandra Almond

Meld Studios

Leah Heiss

RMIT University

Marius Foley

RMIT University

Anna Strempel

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Mac Forbes

Mac Forbes Wines

Yuri Teodorowych


Lizzie Bott


Homaxi Irani

Independent Consultant

Rob McLellan

Unified Healthcare Group

Kim Anderson


Cat Sutton-Long

Paper Giant

David Blumenstein

RMIT Online

Emma Blomkamp

Paper Giant

Rob Lee


Erin Tan


Harriet Wakelam


Miles Menegon

Heath Wallace

Stefanie Di Russo


Chris Marmo

Paper Giant

Gerda Gemser

RMIT University

Owen Hodda


Jeremy Yuille

Meld Studios

Matiu Bush

Bolton Clarke

Adam Jacoby


Jamie Skella

Horizon State

Lisa Leong

Ohten APAC

Tristan Forrester

Ohten APAC

Jessie Hochberg-Summons

Nightingale Housing

Sandhya Sharma


Sumyee Cheung

Independent Consultant

Brenden Carriker

City of Melbourne

Kelsey Schwynn


Chirryl-Lee Ryan


Giving back

We donate 10% of our revenue to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, to help create real change in our community. If you enjoy the day please consider doing the same.

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